Forces of Riesling in harmony with sushi

October 30th 2018

Forces of Riesling in harmony with sushi

The Riesling grape is part of the legacy of the Alsace wines since the end of the XVth century. The great Rhine Riesling is experiencing a glorious comeback. It rates high amongst gourmets and is prevalently found on tables of all food lovers.

Riesling has a pale yellow appearance with hints of green. The aromatic profile is almost perfumed with subtle hints of flower (linden, white flowers), fruits (lemon, pear) and high acidity. It may also possess touches of anise, cumin and licorice. Rieslings are generally used to make full-bodied, dry and semi-sweet wines.

The fruity and aromatic properties make it an ideal companion for fish and seafood. Sushi and soya sauces are rich in amino acids and require sugar, volume or texture to complete the union. Combining the soya sauce with the acidity in the wine enhances the roundness of the wine. In addition, the freshness from the pepper and vinegar from the ginger is accentuated when accompanied with a great, full-bodied and sharp Riesling. The “Les Cigognes” is dense and lively, with a hint of lemon, making it a perfect match with sushi.

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